Israelis, big powers responsible for global crises: Larijani

IRNA – Iranian Parliament (Majlis) Speaker Ali Larijani said on Thursday that the Zionists and big powers are main causes of regional and international crises.

Addressing the 11th Asian Parliaments Assembly (APA) meeting, he added, “Creating crisis and nurturing terrorism by the Zionist regime and big powers have blocked Asian economic development.”

Security disruption in certain points across the Asia is the outcome of their attempts, he said.

After the end of Cold War, the US adopted sanctions and economic pressures and today, it targeted most of the Asian states with sanctions or economic bullying, he said.

“Fomenting artificial conflicts among Asian states is strategy of the powers which do not want Asia gain its due status on the path of progress and sustainable development and welfare,” Larijani said.

Of course, certain Asian states have surrendered to US bullying due to internal problems or being deceived to receive backing and that has emboldened the US, he said.

Referring to Asia’s extensive natural resources, including young and efficient manpower, numerous energy, cultural diversity and hosting two powerful members of UN Security Council, he said that all these capacities should be used for economic prosperity and finding its due status in the international scene.

Describing APA as a big platform for dialogue and finding solutions for the continent’s crises, he called on the countries to move toward convergence, independence and development.