US viciously seeking to accuse Iran: Russian Top Diplomat

IRNA -The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister announced that the violation of international commitments and the withdrawal of international agreements by the United States is accelerating and more and more worrisome than any other time and the US is viciously seeking to accuse Iran of its missile field.

Russian chief nuclear negotiator Sergei Ryabkov expressed his ideas Monday at a press conference at the Russian Foreign Ministry building in response to the question of the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) that ‘how do you evaluate the American policy to exit global agreements and its impact on international relations and accusations against Iran? ‘.

Ryabkov added, ‘Since years ago, we witnessed a violation of international laws and the withdrawal of America from international agreements, but such measures have recently been accelerating by Washington.

‘But this is an objective reality, he added, saying that “the Paris climate change agreement and the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Actions Plan (JCPOA) to the missile treaty, everything is indicative of an acceleration in the American withdrawal of international commitments.”

‘We all know that the US presence in the UNESCO World Organization does not contribute to its activity, but we saw that the United States went out of this organization,’ Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said.

He added, ‘Over the years, we have seen violations of international laws and the withdrawal of America from the treaties.’

Ryabkov noted, ‘For decades, we have tried to make America to adopt the appropriate approach to the Nuclear Non – Proliferation Treaty and continue our efforts.”

‘This approach leads to an impasse, we (Russia) adhere to the implementation of international agreements, we believe that their positions (America and its allies) do not have a legal foundation,’ Ryabkov said, rejecting the approach of some Western countries, including the USA, to replace international agreements with the principles and practices of these countries.