Iran’s coverage: France, Germany may host Iran payment channel

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France and Germany step in to circumvent Iran sanctions

France and Germany have joined forces to rescue a European effort to create a payments channel to keep trade flowing with Iran, defying U.S. attempts to take the air out of the plan, senior diplomats said.


Iran flexes military muscles in airshow

Iran showed off its military capabilities on Tuesday during the 9th International Air-Show in the southern island of Kish.

Iran, Afghanistan discuss Afghan peace process

Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif visiting Geneva to attend Conference of Afghanistan, held a meeting with Afghan Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah on Tuesday.

Enemies’ money spent on insecurity in Iran wasted: IRGC commander

The commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force highlighted the good security situation in Iran and said the money spent by the Saudi, Emirati, and Israeli regimes on fomenting insecurity in the Islamic Republic has been wasted.


Japan to seek extension of US waivers for Iran oil imports

Japanese buyers will seek an extension of the waiver from US sanctions on Iranian oil imports after the initial 180-day exemption is over, the Petroleum Association of Japan (PAJ) said on Tuesday.


Iran’s new destroyer to begin ocean voyage after launch

Iran’s new destroyer ‘Sahand’ will be deployed on an ocean mission after coming into service within the next few days, the country’s Navy commander said Tuesday.


US viciously seeking to accuse Iran: Russian Top Diplomat

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister announced that the violation of international commitments and the withdrawal of international agreements by the United States is accelerating and more and more worrisome than any other time and the US is viciously seeking to accuse Iran of its missile field.


FIFA urged by own rights body to give Iran deadline for allowing women into stadiums

Global soccer body FIFA has been urged by its own human rights advisory panel to give Iran a deadline for allowing women to watch soccer matches.


32nd Intl. Islamic Unity Conf. releases communique

The 32nd edition of Islamic Unity Conference entitled ‘Quds, the Axis of Unity of the Ummah’, has released its final statement, with an emphasis on unity among Muslims and putting an end to regional conflicts.


Number of injured in powerful earthquake in Western Iran rises to 780 – Reports

The number of people, who were injured by the powerful Sunday earthquake that hit the western Iranian province of Kermanshah, has risen to 780, local media reported on Tuesday.