Bahram Qassemi

Iran urges Arab League chief not to be affected by certain countries

IRNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi urged the Arab League Secretary General Aboul Gheit not to be influenced by certain countries in the region.

‘You’re Secretary General of the Arab League not propagandist of the policies of certain countries with behaviors and methods inconsistent with Arab countries’ interests and fate,’ Qasemi said on Sunday underlining the fact that Iran’s relations with majority of regional countries and the neighbors are logical and balanced, being based on cooperation, dialogue and respect.

Iran’s relations are based upon mutual respect, not interfering in internal affairs of other countries and by paying attention to neighborliness rights, interests, stability and security in the region, he added. This stance is principled and long-term, he reiterated.

‘With majority of the regional countries and its neighbors, the Islamic Republic of Iran has balanced and logical relations, being based on cooperation, dialogue, mutual interests, mutual respect and non-intervention in civil affairs of each other with an eye to the right of neighborliness, regional interests, stability and security and that’s long-term and principled policy and will remain so.’

At the time of need, necessity and demand, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been more than ever beside regional countries, having constructive engagement with their governments and nations, Qasemi noted.

He urged Aboul Gheit not to be affected by certain regional countries and to prevent any divisive act.

Of course, Gheit’s main addressee would be those countries which spend billions of dollars annually to buy security from trans-regional countries, Qasemi said.

‘Of course, in our opinion, the main and real addressee of the claims of Mr. Aboul Gheit should be the countries that annually spend billions of dollars of the wealth of their nations to buy security from the transregional countries.’

He also expressed regret over the current conditions, saying they will receive nothing but insult and increasing concerns over their future.
‘Of course, what they earn are insult and growing concern over their future; as a neighboring and Muslim country, we are deeply sorrowed over such conditions.’