Iran to call for removal of US medical bans at OPCW in Hague

IRNA – Iran is to deliver speech at the OPCW conference in Hague, the Netherlands, about the US unfair sanctions against Tehran’s access to medical and health services, an Iranian official said on Wednesday.

Iranian delegation is also to talk about the situation of women who are the victims of chemical weapons in Sardasht, Rahim Vahedi, chairman of Sardasht Chemical Victims Society, told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) online.

At the 1987 chemical weapon attack carried out during the Iraqi imposed war against Iran by the executed Iraqi president Saddam Hussein on Sardasht in northwestern Iranian province West Azarbaijan, 119 civilians were killed and over 8,000 people were poisoned by chemical gas.

At the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) conference which is underway in the Hague from November 19, Iran will call on other world countries to take steps towards not following the US sanctions policy on medical services, Vahedi said.

Vahedi, who along with two other members of Sardasht society is in the Netherlands, said that medical bans will multiply the problems which the chemical weapons victims are facing.

‘Unfair medical sanctions will increase the pain of Iranian victims of chemical weapons,’ Vahedi said.

Iran did establish a society 17 years ago to defend the rights of the Sardasht chemical weapons victims.

It is 15 years that representatives of Sardasht Chemical Victims Society annually attend the OPCW conferences where Iran has two seats.

Sardasht is the first victim city of the chemical weapons around the world.