Foes angry with Iran due to countering hegemony: Intelligence Min.

IRNA – Because the enemies are angry with Iran’s resistance against world arrogance, they are trying to create conflicts between ethnicities and Islamic sects, but people’s unity has defeated them, Iran Minister of Intelligence told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

‘Having synergy and convergence, the organizations effective in the security of the country, including Ministry of Intelligence, Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, the Police, volunteer forces, and other bodies have a role in creation and stabilizing this security,’ said Mahmoud Alavi on Monday in Mahabad, northwestern Iran.

Saying that the world is confessing that Iran enjoys sustainable security, Alavi said, ‘The security in Iran is due to people, the authorities and the Supreme Leader’s sticking together.’

‘Every year, hundreds of terrorist groups are found and annihilated; this year, 300 groups have been found.’

He said that the enemy tries to picture Iran as an unsafe country, adding, ‘We expect nothing else from the enemies of the Islamic Establishment.’

Earlier on Monday in a speech addressed to the people of Mahabad, Alavi had said that the enemy’s hostility is toward all the ethnicities in Iran, including Fars, Turks, Arabs, Kurds, Lurs, etc.; adding that Iran needs to be alert to their wicked plots.