Iraqi president carried no message from a third country: Spox

IRNA – Iraqi President Barham Saleh had no message from a third country, said Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman on his weekly press conference on Monday.

‘Saleh left Tehran for Riyadh and had visited other countries before that,’ said Bahram Qasemi, adding that his visit was ‘positive and constructive.’

Regarding the 20 Iranian companies prevented from activities in Tajikistan, he said that the issue is not political and pertains to the amount of tax that these companise should pay.

He also said that Iran is pursuing the issue to remove the problem.

Touching on the European-suggested Special-Purpose Vehicle (SPV), Qasemi said, ‘We don’t announce a clear-cut date for it.’

‘No one can set a date for new complicated phenomena’, he said, adding that Iran is after its own interests and will use all the options.

Saying that he doesn’t believe that staying in the JCPOA is pointless, Qasemi added, ‘Iranian authorities understand their country’s national interests and security really well, and decide based on experts’ reports.’