20 non-standard foreign shipments prevented from entering Iran

IRNA – General Director of Bushehr Province’s Standard Organization said the inspectors of this organization prevented 20 non-standard Chinese shipments from entering the province’s customs.

‘Dealing with substandard goods as an important program and priority is on our agenda and experts have constant monitoring in this regard,’ Mohammad Rahim Bahremand added on Saturday.

He went on to say that during the inspection of the first seven months of this year in the provincial customs, 20 non-standard consignments, including a motorcycle helmet, kitchen tools, bolts and electric goods manufactured by China were announced non-standard and prevented them from entering the country.”

57 laboratories operate in the field of testing imported and export commodities and standard development in Bushehr Province.

The number of labs is set up with investments of 500 billion rials in Bushehr Province, which has turned into one of the poles in the country with their activity.

The labs are testing 1,607 commodities, which accelerated the process of exporting and importing goods at Bushehr Port considerably.