Maku combined-cycle power plant to be inaugurated next week

MNA – Chief Executive of Maku Combined-Cycle Power Plant Samad Pashapour said that the first phase of the plant, with the production capacity of 80-MW electricity, will become operational next week in the presence of President Hassan Rouhani.

With the studies made in this regard, 100 to 150-megawatt electricity should be added to the capacity of the power plant annually, he said, adding, “relevant equipment and machinery of the power plant were imported into the country in late 2016.”

Installation of parts and equipment was delayed for a period of about seven months due to the rainfall and severe climatic conditions, he maintained.

Maku Combined-Cycle Power Plant will be put into operation in cooperation with a Chinese company, Pashapour observed.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he pointed to the participation of foreign company in launching this power plant and said, “foreign company has provided 70 percent credits needed for constructing this power plant while the remaining 30 percent will be provided by internal financial resources of the power plant.”

CEO of the power plant put the cost spent for launching the first and second phase of the power plant at €40 and €30 million, respectively.

He went on to say that €40 million has been spent for finalizing gas sector of contract.

Considering the economic rules governing free trade zones of the country, return on investment (ROI) has been considered for five years, he stipulated.

Participation of Chinese companies in launching Maku Combined-Cycle Power Plant is the first presence of a public Chinese company within the framework of direct investment, Pashapour concluded.