Russia backs Iraqi stance on economic cooperation with Iran

IRNA – Iraqi media said that the Russian representative in the UN Security Council supported the Iraqi position on trade and economic cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran in spite of sanctions that America wants to impose on Iran.

The Tuesday meeting of the Security Council, which deal to the farewell session of the UN Secretary – General envoy for Iraq, Iraqi media addressed the Russian representative’s remarks that supported the Iraqi position in establishing trade relations with Iran.

In this regard, the Iraqi News Agency “Mavazin” quoted Vasily Nebenzya as saying that, despite the sanctions that the United States is trying to impose on the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq has the right to cooperate with its neighbor, Iran.

The Russian representative at the UN Security Council stressed that Moscow is concerned about the future of the situation in Iraq in the shadow of problems against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He pointed out that Iraq is recovering and Moscow supports a positive Baghdad approach to ensure security and the economy and the efforts of its leaders to restore natural conditions to Iraq.