Afghanistan talked US into exempting Chabahar from sanctions

MNA – Afghan Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, Muhammad Hamid Tahmasi, told Mehr News that senior Afghan officials had held negotiations with the US for the exemption of Chabahar port activities from sanctions.

Iran, India and Afghanistan signed an agreement in May 2016 to facilitate and simplify the shipment of goods to and from Afghanistan through Chabahar port. India has sent seven shipments containing 110,000 metric tons of wheat, 2,000 tons of edible seeds such as lentils, as well as spare parts for large vehicles needed for reconstruction and mining work in Afghanistan. Chabahar port activities were exempted from sanctions in an announcement made by the US State Department on Nov. 7.

Speaking to Mehr News correspondent on the sidelines of IRU World Congress in Muscat, Afghanistan’s Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, Muhammad Hamid Tahmasi, said Chabahar port has been exempted from US sanctions after senior Afghan authorities held negotiations with their American counterparts on the issue.

This is a good opportunity for Iran, Afghanistan and India to further boost exports, imports and other trade transactions, he added.

He stressed that the major part of Afghanistan’s exports are done through Iran, adding that the Khaf-Herat Railroad is of high significance for trade and transit between the two countries.

He further maintained that his delegation had held a session with the Iranian side on facilitation of transport in a bid to expand trade transactions. He also said the Afghan side is ready to minimize the costs, even the legal ones.