Ecotourism in Iran: Pure joy of staying in heavenly spots

IRNA – One can hunt for a memorable stay with joy of a cup of tea, tasty Iranian local dishes, and music and songs of local dialects in the affordable traditional homestay accommodations in Iran.

Ecotourism is a new kind of tourism gaining widespread currency in Iran. People stay in the intact and remote villages, instead of ritzy hotels, in order to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Rural tourism and ecotourism can lead to a rational understanding of cultural and historical advantages of Iranian rural areas.

The especial architecture, untouched nature, millennia-old structures, ancient qanats, running rivers, and high-quality organic produce have turned the ecotourism accommodations into outstanding attractions.

Experts say that the ecotourism accommodations are an innovation of President Hassan Rouhani’s administration. The number of the accommodations skyrocketed from 20 in 2013 to 700 today.

Iran’s beautiful nature, four-season geography throughout the country, luxuriant forests, starry sky in the desserts, beautiful islands in the south, and hot springs in the north and center have changed it into an irresistible attraction for tourists.