Basij Commander: Enemy’s psychological war should not be neglected

IRNA – Commander of Basij (voluntary forces) Organization of Iran stressed that the enemies against the Islamic Republic of Iran have waged psychological and propaganda wars that should not be neglected.

Brigadier General Gholam Hossein Qeybparvar said Tuesday, ‘The Americans have focused an important part of their measures on the psychological and media war, and we have to be careful and do not provoke the enemy’s psychological war.’

He noted that the greatest sanctions are the enemy’s psychological war.

General Qeybparvar added, ‘The Iranian nation has passed much more difficult times than the current juncture in the last 40 years, no doubt that this period is over and the future is a brilliant for all Iranian people.’

‘The enemies have been slapped from Islamic Iran and are trying to achieve their sinister goals by designing various plans, such as the economic war,’ Qeybparvar added.

Commander of Basij (voluntary forces) Organization said, “We must try to ward off the enemy’s plans and to prevent the country’s vulnerability, using the capacities and capabilities of the country to counter the economic war.”