Iran’s Hamedan Province pioneer in solar energy production

IRNA – There are 218 hectares of lands dedicated to solar power plants in Hamedan to turn Iran’s midwestern province into a pioneer in producing electricity via clean solar energy, said Deputy of Natural Resources and Watershed Management of Hamedan Province.

The province’s suitable sun angle and its 200 annual sunshine days have made it a suitable place for solar power plants, said Reza Alvandi.

The province has provided the investors with financial facilities and exemptions like postponing the rent collection after the utilization of the power plants, Alvandi said.

He added that 20 applications for constructing power plants have been received so far, to half of which appropriate lands have been given.

Austrian investor Gerald Sherer whose company is engaged in the Iranian solar power plant projects, said that Hamedan Province has great potentials for a safe investment in building solar power plants.

Meantime, Hamedan Provincial Director General of Economic Affairs and Finance Nasser Mahmoudi stressed that a solar panel manufacturing company is being constructed by a German investor, making Iran needless of imports.

Each megawatts of a solar plant needs an investment of equal to one million euroes and 1-1.5 hectares of lands, said Mohammad-Mehdi Shahidi Managing Director of Hamedan Province Power Distribution Company.

Shahidi added that currently there are two solar power plants being built in Hamedan Provicne’s southern city of Tuyserkan, each with the capacity of 30 megawatts.