Commander: Iran’s home-made fighter jet joins air force

FNA – Commander of the Iranian Air Force Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh announced that his forces have been equipped with the country’s newly-manufactured supersonic Kosar fighter jet.

“Despite sanctions, we have been able to manufacture and fly a plane named Kosar in the air industries and now this plane has joined the country’s air fleet,” General Nasirzadeh said in South Khorassan province on Saturday.

He added that the Iranian Air Force has been sanctioned for 40 years after the Islamic Revolution in Iran and does not depend on foreign countries to supply its needs.

Iran on Saturday inaugurated the production line of Kosar fighter jet.

Iran started mass-production of the fighter jet in a ceremony participated by Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami and Commander of Iran’s Army Major General Abdolrahim Moussavi in the Central province of Isfahan.

Addressing the ceremony, General Hatami and General Moussavi underlined that the mass-production of the domestically-made fighter jet indicates that sanctions and pressures against Iran are ineffective, describing it as a milestone and a new leap in increasing the combat power of the country’s Air Force.

General Hatami said that research works would continue on Kosar fighter jet, adding that the country would manufacture more advanced generations of the warplane in the future.

Iran in September unveiled Kosar which is equipped with avionics (aviation electronics) and fire-control systems.

Kosar was unveiled in a ceremony participated by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Tehran who ordered the fighter jet to fly.

The new fighter jet uses the fourth generation of military digital network and is equipped with heads-up display (HUD) system to increase the precision-striking power of weapons, advanced and multi-purpose radar for fire-control to boost the precision to trace the targets and threats and high-precision navigation system.

Kosar can be manufactured in two types of single-cockpits and double-cockpits and the second type can be used for training pilots in addition to enjoying combat capabilities.

According to the Iranian officials, the fighter jet is a supersonic combat plane different from the training Kosar 88 plane unveiled in April 2017.

Meantime, Army Lieutenant Commander Brigadier General Mohammad Hossein Dadras announced early September that Kosar had gone on line for mass-production.

“The defense ministry, in cooperation with the Air Force, is mass-producing the fighter jet,” General Dadras said.

He added that Kosar has undergone different ground and air operational tests by the Iranian Air Force experts for numerous hours.

“We have ordered this fighter jet for the Army,” General Dadras said.