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Iranian abducted guards moved to Afghan borders: MP

In this Sunday, June 1, 2014 photo, an Iranian border guard patrols Iran's Dogharoun border with Afghanistan, near Taibad in eastern Iran. In the face of Afghanistan’s unprecedented boom in opium production, neighboring Iran is trying to baton down its border to slow down smuggling, building moats, walls and other large-scale projects. Iran spent more than $26 million last year alone on the border projects which also include large embankments, new border posts and lengths of barbed wire along parts of its 2,000-kilometer (1,200-mile) border with Afghanistan and Pakistan. (AP Photo/Vahid Salemi)

IRNA – The kidnapped Iranian guards have been transferred to the area near Afghanistan borders inside Pakistan, said one of the representatives of Sistan-Baluchestan Province, southeastern Iran.

‘The issue has been pursued through official channels, i.e. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Border Police, and local elders, clans and tribes,’ said Mohammad-Naeem Amini-fard.

Fourteen Basij (volunteer forces) and border guard forces were abducted by terrorists in Iran’s Sistan-Baluchestan border with Pakistan on October 15. Jeish ul-Adl terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the act.

Amini-fard said that Islamabad hasn’t officially accepted the responsibly of the incident and says that the guards are not in Pakistan.

‘According to the information we received, the guards have been moved to an area near the borders of Afghanistan inside Pakistan over which Pakistani central government has no control.

He hoped that the guards will be released soon.

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