Qasem Rezaei

Iran border guard command to hold joint meeting with Iraqi Sulaimaniyah

MNA – The commander of Iran Border Guard Command Brigadier General Ghasem Rezaei has said that Iranian border guards will hold a joint meeting with Iraqi Kurdistan’s Sulaimaniyah province authorities to lay the ground for conducting joint patrols.

Brigadier General Ghasem Rezaei made the remarks while visiting the western province of Kurdistan and in a meeting with the commander of the border guards of Iraqi Kurdistan’s Sulaimaniyah province Brigadier General Abdullah Hamad Saeed.

In the meeting, the commander of Iran Border Guard Command expressed his happiness with the meeting, also expressing hope that the meeting will have positive results for the border security in Iranian governorates of Baneh and Marivan and Iraqi Kurdistan’s Sulaimaniyah province.

Rezaei also said “proper control over the shared borders entails fighting Takfiri and terrorist groups, preventing illegal travel across the borders and confronting smugglers.”

The commander of Iran Border Guard Command added that through the efforts of the border guards of the two countries of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq, there is a good security in the Baneh and Marivan governorates, but more efforts are still needed.

He further pointed out that a joint meeting will be held between the border security of Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan’s Sulaimaniyah province in the near future in Sulaimaniyah to pave the way for joint patrols, given the sensitive conditions of the region and with the aim of creating appropriate relations.