Europe serious demand ‘to avoid unconditional compliance with US’

MNA – Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Abbas Araghchi said “Donald Trump thinks he can force Iran to the negotiating table using severe economic pressures; however he is completely wrong.”

The US is making history by violating a United Nations security council resolution it voted for three years ago; despite the urge of international community, it made every effort to destroy Iran nuclear deal. American political empire is declining. I do not remember leaders of other countries ever having laughed at a US president at the UN General Assembly, Araghchi said in a televised interview on Monday.

The economic mechanisms of the United States are also declining, Araghchi noted, adding “Europe has said that the financial mechanism (SPV) arranged for cooperation with Iran is not just for Iran, but also to revive its lost independence, and this is a serious demand of Europe to avoid unconditional compliance with the US.”

JCPOA lifted three categories of sanctions: US sanctions, UN sanctions and EU sanctions, he underlined, adding “today, you see that the EU and UNGA sanctions are not restored, and the Europeans are helping us stand against the US sanctions; this which reflects Iran’s good status in the international arena.”

“Today, except for Saudi Arabia and the Zionist regime who welcomed Trump’s decision to abandon JCPOA, the entire international support Tehran deal, which reflects the international isolation of the United States,” Araghchi asserted.

“Islamic Republic of Iran highly regards the develoment of political and economic relations with the neighboring countries,” the deputy foreign minister said. Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf region are of special importance to us. Our economic cooperation with Turkey and Iraq is very open and good, he added.

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  1. Amir

    Dollar has always been currency of choice for value of gold and pricing of oil let’s hope with europes help this will change and Iran and other countries can sell their oil in open market in € . This on its owen can breaks the strong economical hold of Us dollar for good.
    I do not need to pray I will just Waite.time is the best nudge and healer.