Tehran, Moscow cooperation indispensable in combating terrorism: Speaker

 IRNA – Iranian Parliament Speaker said Iran and Russia have close partnerships in the fight against terrorism and have exchanged good experiences in this regard, so the two countries’ security cooperation is crucial to countering the spread of terrorism.

Ali Larijani said Sunday that the two countries have very close consultations on various international and regional issues, in a meeting with Vasily Biskarov, chairman of the Security and Combating commission of the Russian State Duma, arguing that Iran-Russia relations are acceptable.

Emphasizing on the efforts made by the two countries of Iran and Russia to create new parliamentary cooperation platforms and formats, he said that the travel of parliamentary delegations would be a positive step for the development of bilateral relations.

Referring to the visit of the Russian parliamentary delegation to Iran, Vasily Byskarov, said, “During a visit to Iran, we felt that we are among our friends and this is very important.”

He pointed to the positive and constructive relations between Iran and Russia in recent years, and said, ‘Meetings and interactions between the two countries will enable us to work on our plans, so it is essential that there is a broad partnership between Parliaments of the two countries and specialized committees.”