European source: Ahmed Bin Abdulaziz to replace MbS

FNA – Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, the Saudi king’s only surviving full brother, will soon replace Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a leading Lebanese paper quoted a high-ranking European source as saying.

The Arabic-language al-Binaa newspaper on Saturday quoted the European source as saying, “Bin Salman is drowned and is about to drown Saudi Arabia too; and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s attempts to save bin Salman are more like artificial respiration to him.”

It also added that Mohammed bin Nayef who was the crown prince of Saudi Arabia until June 2017 has been picked up again to be the deputy and heir to the new Crown Prince Ahmed.

The newspaper said the plan to support and empower Prince Ahmed has been jointly developed by Washington and London and is ready to go into practice, adding that new events are waiting for the political circle in the Saudi monarchy.

The younger brother of Saudi King Salman, Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, has arrived home from London to tackle the “toxic” crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, under the security guarantees of the US and the UK, the Middle East Eye reported late Tuesday.

Al Saud, who is in his seventies now, is among the Al Saud family members who have “realized that MBS has become toxic,” the website added, citing a Saudi source close to the prince.

An open critic of the controversial crown prince, the royal is also a former interior minister.

“The prince wants to play a role to make these changes, which means either he himself will play a major role in any new arrangement or to help to choose an alternative to MBS,” the MEE also quoted the source as saying.

Although a dissident, his confidence to go back home without the fear of getting arrested or attacked is because of his senior status, the website explained, also adding that US and UK officials assured him “they would not let him be harmed” and “encouraged him to play the role of usurper”.