No military can overcome Iran’s defense power

MNA – A spokesman for the General Staff of the Armed Forces cautioned against any malicious measure against the Islamic Republic, saying that the armed forces would give a proportionate response to the slightest aggression against the country.

Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi on Saturday pointed to Iran’s defense power and the strength of the Iranian Armed Forces, saying no country can cope with Iran’s military power and any aggression against the country would lead to nowhere.

The senior Iranian commander emphasized that the Islamic Republic’s military equipment are, as always have been, developed for defensive purposes, and the country has never initiated a war. He added, the Iraq-Iran war proved that no foreign power can subdue the Islamic Republic’s integrity and strength.

General Shekarchi pointed to Iran’s significant role in the region, describing the country as the safe zone which has managed to carry on its goals without any disturbance from the enemies and global arrogance.

He concluded that enemies, the US, the Zionist regime and their arrogant companions in the region should know they will never see their vicious dreams come true.