Iranians resolved to stand to US unilateralism: VP

IRNA – In the economic issue which the US alleges as economic war against Iran, the Iranian nation demonstrated to the world that it will stand to the US unilateralism, said Iran’s First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri on Saturday.

“Today the US is lonely for adopting its policies,’ Jahangiri said, speaking in a ceremony during which new Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance Farhad Dejpasand was introduced.

“In terms of politics, we have the upper-hand, and also from a moral viewpoint, we showed the world that we are a trustworthy country while the US is an unreliable country with which one cannot agree,’ Jahangiri said.

He noted that despite receiving numerous defeats, the US government continues with its hostilities towards the Iranian nation.

Referring to the US psychological and media propaganda against Iran on the nuclear issue, Jahangiri said that the Americans tried to convince the world that Iran could not be trusted and would violate the agreements.

He said that regular reports by the UN Atomic Agency indicate that Iran has met all his promises under the 2015 nuclear deal.