Iran’s coverage: Mossad false flags only encourage Iran to boost ties with world: Zarif

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Mossad’s false flags toughens Iran’s resolve for constructive engagement with world

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Wed. that the false flags planted by Israel’s spy agency Mossad against Iran only strengthens the country’s resolve to engage constructively with the world.

OPEC oil output rises to highest since 2016 despite Iran: Reuters survey

OPEC has boosted oil production in October to the highest since 2016, a Reuters survey found, as higher output led by the United Arab Emirates and Libya more than offset a cut in Iranian shipments due to U.S. sanctions.

Trump makes determination to continue oil embargo on Iran

 US President Donald Trump in a memorandum to members of his administration made the determination to continue the oil embargo on Iran.

India reportedly granted waiver from Iran sanctions

Indian oil companies will continue to import about 2.5 million tons of oil a month till March from Iran, Indian sources said.

Iran ready to probe into ‘assassination plot’ in case of goodwill on Danish side

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ghasemi said Wed. that Iran is ready to probe closely into the supposed ‘assassination plot’ if there is goodwill on the Danish side.

Russia, India, Iran to discuss new transport route that could replace Suez Canal

Earlier, India’ Union Commerce and Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu called for the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC) to be put into operation “as early as possible.” The INSTC’s estimated operational capacity is up to 30 million metric tons of goods per year.

Enemy’s psychological war failed with people’s wariness: Civil def. cmdr

The enemies were trying to use of psychological operation, economic pressure and other conspiracies to make Iranian people yield in but they were defeated due to people’s wariness, said head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization on Thursday.

Iran’s first LNG terminal project stalls due to US sanctions

 Iran’s first LNG export terminal project with a planned capacity of 10.8 million mt/year has stalled due to the impact from the US sanctions, a company executive said Thursday.

Iran 56th naval flotilla berths in Bandar Abbas

Iranian 56th naval flotilla docked in Bandar Abbas, southern Iran, on Thursday.

UN call for peace talks raises hopes for ending Yemen crisis

 Iranian Ambassador to London Hamid Baeidinjead said the call by the UN Special Envoy for Yemen for immediate peace talks raises hopes for ending the humanitarian crisis after more than two years of bloodshed.