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FM Spox: US after psychological war against Iranians

IRNA – Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi says the US officials wish to wage a psychological war against the Iranian people.

Using economic terrorism and tyrannical and illegal sanctions, the US officials intend to cover up their crimes against the Iranian people so as to find a pretext and prepare the ground for launching a psychological war on the Iranian people,’ said Qasemi on Tuesday.

Qasemi made the remarks in reaction to the ‘deceitful’ claim of the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that Iran’s economic growth has slowed down due to the country’s presence and campaign against terrorism in the region.

‘Such claims are merely a demagogue, a fiasco and misleading,’ said Qasemi.

He noted that campaign against terrorism in the region and safeguarding peace, stability and security of Iranian borders, which neutralize the US officials’ anti-Iran plots and make them worried, is not a new policy and plan.

‘Iran’s economy over the past years, when the country has been on the forefront of campaign against terrorism and been a pioneer in defending human dignity while the world was suffering from ignorance, has always showed more than a 8-percent growth,’ he said.

He said while attempting to cover up the US crimes against the Iranian and regional people, the American officials have ignored the opposition of countries as well as legal and human rights institutions to their inhuman and brutal sanctions against the Iranian people.

He emphasized that US government officials have adopted their ‘deceptive’ policies and hostile approaches towards the Iranian people based on the wishes and aspirations of hated regimes and notorious terrorist groups. This is exactly the same strategic mistakes the US has repeatedly made over the past four decades, said Qasemi, adding that unfortunately, following so many failures and setbacks, the American officials have not yet been able to follow a wise and civilized policy that would favor the global community and mankind.

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