Arbaeen pilgrims walking from Najaf to Karbala

More foreign pilgrims of Arbaeen cross Shalamcheh border

IRNA – Special Governor of Khorramshahr said number of foreign pilgrims of Arbaeen, who had departed for Iraq last week in Shalamcheh border, has hit 36,000.

‘Foreign pilgrims commute has accelerated from the international border of Shalamcheh, showing an increase of 40% compared to last year,’ Valiollah Hayati said.

Hayati pointed to the establishment of 14 gates for the convenience of foreigners at Shalamcheh border, saying, “Most foreign pilgrims are from India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Russia and Turkey.”

He noted that 250,000 pilgrims had been commuted since the beginning of the month at the international border in Shalamcheh, adding, ‘During this period, 30,000 pilgrims returned to the country from the border with Shalamcheh.’

Hayati went on to say that in order to facilitate pilgrims commute, 40 exit gates and 10 entrance gates are active at Shalamcheh terminal.

The Deputy Governor of Khuzestan assessed the status of service to the pilgrims of Arbaeen at this border crossing as positive, and added that approximately 450 camps from Khorramshahr Resistance Square to the border crossing point are serving Arbaeen pilgrims.