Iran’s FM describes Europe firm in nuclear deal: MP

IRNA – The Europeans have been steadfast so far in supporting the nuclear deal, an Iranian parliament speaker quoted the country’s foreign minister as saying on Tuesday.

Speaker of the parliament’s presiding board, Behrouz Nemati, quoted Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif and his deputy Abbas Araqchi as saying that the US is pressuring Iran through media hype, but they are mistaken.

The remarks were made at the closed session of parliament that was held to brief the lawmakers on the nuclear deal, and the process of Iran’s joining to combat the funding of terrorism (CFT).

Iran’s parliament has recently passed the bill on joining CFT.

Nemati also cited the foreign minister as saying that the Europeans have been steadfast in their stance on the nuclear deal.

When the US President Donald Trump in May announced Washington’s withdrawal from the landmark nuclear deal, the other signatories, particularly the three European countries – UK, France and Germany, plus the European Union—emphasized their support for the deal and vowed that they will try to preserve it.

Commenting on the talks with Europeans on creating a financial mechanism to avoid the US sanctions, he said that they have promised to launch the mechanism since November 4, and beside Europe, Russia, India and China have also expressed their commitment to the issue.

The Iranian diplomats have also said that the Europeans have supported Iran’s stance on joining CFT and the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), giving Tehran a four-month deadline to do the reforms required for the accession, according to the lawmaker.

Foreign Minister Zarif has also cautioned against ‘self-sanctioning’ that might result in disturbing bilateral agreements Iran has signed with some countries.