Iran policy is to develop int’l cooperation:VP

IRNA – Developing international economic cooperation, boosting private sector potentials, reinforcing tourism and promoting free zones are Iran’s policy, vice-president for parliamentary affairs said on Monday.

Hossein-Ali Amiri made the remarks while addressing the opening ceremony of the 10th ‘Kish 2018 Invex’ presenting Iran’s Investment Opportunities and Exhibition of Banking, Insurance and Privatization.

‘Everyone in the Islamic Republic of Iran agrees with maintaining constructive interaction with the world, attracting investment, taking advantage of private sector’s potentials, boosting social capitals, removing production impediments, preserving national security and minimizing the effects of sanctions,’ he said.

He referred to increasing production, developing entrepreneurship, reinforcing knowledge-based companies, paying more attention to tourism and developing especial and free zones as the policies adopted by Iranian government in line with promoting domestic and foreign trade and investment.

Integration, empathy, common understanding among government officials , economic activists and people together with strategic position, technical knowledge and defense power are the most important factors for maintaining national security, Amiri added.

Pointing to Iranian government’s support for entrepreneurs, investors and innovators in economic and scientific fields, he underlined the importance of the presence of the economic operators, and ideologists in economic arena.