Zarif attends Parl. session to face MPs’ questions on foreign affairs

MNA – The Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif attended a meeting of Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Sun. to answer the lawmakers’ questions on the Ministry’s handling of various foreign issues.

The spokesman for National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Ali Najafi Khoshroodi told Mehr News Agency (MNA) on Sunday that in today’s meeting in the Parliament, Mohammad Javad Zarif was put forward questions on various issues, including the role that the Ministry can play in the country’s economy and national development as well as Iran’s position on international arena.

In response to a question, Zarif was quoted as saying by Najafi Khoshroodi that Iranian embassies abroad use all of their capacity to develop the country’s economic relations.

Zarif believed that the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal made it clear that the Americans had failed and other countries are not accompanying them.

The Iranian foreign minister further said that the Foreign Ministry has not focused its attention only on the JCPOA and that it attaches great importance to relations with the neighboring countries.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Zarif said that Ministry dispatches economic delegates to other countries and that the delegates have to present a report to the Ministry on the results of their trips.

On the violations of the rights of Iranian merchants and businessmen working in the UAE, Najafi Khoshroodi said “Mr. Zarif said that they are doing their best to protect the rights of Iranian citizens, but lawmaker was not convinced by his explanation.”