Iran’s diplomacy neutralizes US antagonistic efforts

IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi welcomed FATF’s Friday’s decision to remove Iran from blacklist, describing it as another success for Iranian diplomacy to counter US efforts aimed at keeping the country on the blacklist, using its presidency over the entity.

Expressing pleasure with the fact that majority of the members were not affected by the US and few of its allies’ political suggestions, he also criticized sections of the statement which has considered Iran’s measures as incomplete.

Stressing that FATF should shun political motivations and present technical reports, Qasemi said that most of the cases demanded from Iran by FATF have been completely implemented and the remaining will be undertaken after three outstanding bills take their legal course.

Therefore, it was expected FATF meeting heed the realities and avoid using negative rhetoric in its statement, he said.

Condemning US delegation’s obstinacy regarding extension of deadline for Iran, the official said that FATF’s base for assessments has from the very beginning been the countries’ technical undertakings.

FATF’s decisions should not be impacted by political pressures of a country which is addicted to bullying and unilateralism in the international scene, Qasemi said.

US has shown that it is not a reliable member in the international community, as it is seeking to destroy all achievements of multilateralism through its unilateralism, he said.