Iran-Azerbaijan automobiles to be exported to Russia

IRNA – The Azerbaijan Republic deputy finance minister said on Friday that talks are underway to export automobiles jointly produced by Tehran and Baku to Russia and Georgia.

Niazi Safrov added that currently, capacity of the Russian and Georgian markets for sedans produced in southern Baku are being studied.

The objective behind the establishment of the joint factory is to export some products abroad, in addition to meeting local demands, he said.

Joint productions of Iran Kodro and Azar Mash companies of Iran and Azerbaijan were displayed in the international exhibition in Moscow and this was unexpected for foreigners, he said.

Agreement to set up joint automaking factory was signed in August 2016 by Iran Khodro and Azar Mash. The production capacity of the factory was put at 10,000 automobiles a year.

The Joint factory was inaugurated during President Hassan Rouhani’s visit to Baku this year.