Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi

History to register Iran’s hardships for Iraq with golden pen: secretary general of al-Nujaba

ISNA – Stressing the need for the formation of the Just Heavenly government, the secretary general of al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance stated, “If West considers following the Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist as dependence, the world should know that we are all dependent”.

Hujjat al-Islam Akram al-Kaabi pointed to his meeting with the grand leader of the Islamic Republic made after the Movement was sanctioned by the US Congress and said that during the meeting, Imam Khamenei had said, “You defeated the US and other enemies of yours and doing so, you have crippled them. Putting you on the sanction list is due to your power and is a sign of their defeat against you”.

Saying that “history will register the hardships Iran endured for Iraq with a golden pen”, he criticized the positions adopted by Washington during the occupation of Iraq by the ISIS and then said, “The US hindered all the operations we were to carry out and supported the ISIS and attempted to prolong the ISIS occupation of the Iraqi cities”.

The following is the secretary general of al-Nujaba Movement, and the top official of the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Forces, Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi’s interview made by Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA).

In the interview he elaborated on the areas his organization is involved in, and thoroughly explained about the relation of the Movement with Iran and being the follower of the progressive principle of the Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist, and then he talked about the challenges before the Iraqi Resistance in the fight against the oppressing powers, Takfirs mercenaries and domestic traitors, the valiant attempts made by Iran for the destruction of terrorism in its neighbouring country, the role of Iran’s leader and Major General Soleimani in the Resistance front, and the betrayals of the US against Iraq and the Zionists, the dreams of the three Arab countries, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirats and Qatar for launching tribal insurrections.

Q: How is the relation of al-Nujaba Islamic Movement with Islamic Republic of Iran? As some western analyst believe this group is acting and fighting on the behalf of Iran, and as its proxy, in Iraq and Syria against the terrorist groups such as ISIS?

A:What have made us tied with Islamic Republic of Iran, the civilized country highly developed after the domination of the world arrogance over it terminated, are culture, history, Heavenly message, the pure blood of Ahl al-Bayt (PBuT) shed in Karbal, the moral values and human principles.

Iraq, Iran and all the nations involved in the Resistance Axis are of firm beliefs and ties and the West attempts to destroy the said beliefs and relations and tries to launch insurrection and hostility among these great nations, though its attempts have all lead to failure.

For instance, they supported Saddam regime in its domination over the Iraqi nation, its killing the Iraqi nation and wronging the said nation. What Saddam did was not confined to the afore, and being supported by the West, he imposed war against Islamic Republic of Iran. He seriously attempted to plant hostility between two nations and finally he started to close mosques, threaten, execute the religious sources of emulation, scholars, professors and students.

They were all done to stop the fight against oppression and colonization in the world, however none managed to deceive the wise Iraqi nation and the said wrong culture is solely institutionalized in the mind of the ignorant and mercenaries.

I saw once they attempted to collapse Saddam- their own poppet; the Arab regimes then cooperated with the US to end Saddam regime, though they had previously founded some media and recruited some writers to create a good image of Saddam.

The enemies think they can make us retreat from the right belief, or at least pressure our supporters; but through the Heavenly helps and the blessings of our true belief, we managed to recruit many wise supporters whose number is rising each day so that this pure movement develops as much as possible across Iraq and inside the heart of the Iraqi nation.

Indeed, the west has long attempted to destroy the image of the scholastic Islamic movements and it pretends that such movements are dependent on others. The enemies have not still recognized that Islamic Republic of Iran, as the country of the Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist, has fulfilled the dream of the prophets and Imams through the Islamic Revolution and this revolution is the light guiding and directing the noble.

The enemies are unaware that being the follower of Guardian of the Islamic Jurist is a canonical due, and it is the source of honour and a dignity that has no counterpart. The Guardian of the Islamic Jurist is a grand Islamic source (of emulation) that many Muslims in Iran and other countries follow him. The Guardian of the Islamic Jurist is also being followed in Europe and the US and these followers all believe he is the one will be succeeded by Imam Zaman.

Today we believe that the Islamic Republic is the leader of the Right and Resistance axis against the world oppressors being leaded by the Evil Triangle (the US-England-Israel); the countries who have acquired their wealth through launching wars, shedding the blood of the innocent people and robbing their properties.

The oppressors and arrogant are deeply involved in the material affairs, consequently they can’t understand our hearts beat for the formation of the Just Heavenly Government across the world and we eagerly wait for it. If West considers following the Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist as dependence, the world should know that we are all dependent”.

Some “mercenary writers” objected that why did we raise the flag of enmity towards the Zionists? And why did we announce Quds as the key of Resistance? I tell them that the movement towards the liberation of the holy Quds is parallel with the belief in Mahdaviat (Mahdiism or belief in Imam Mahdi) and it will never separate from that. Therefore the one who abandons it, his faith is defective and he will never experience and understand being the follower under the flag of Imam Mahdi (AS).

The divine promise of the foundation of the Just Heavenly Government will never be fulfilled unless the evil Zionism is terminated. Therefore the evil forces have seriously launched a psychological warfare against us, however they should know will make us more determined to firmly and stably continue the Resistance.

Q: Some of such analysts believe that as al-Nujaba Islamic Movement is a sub-division of the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Forces, and as now the civil war in Iraq is over, it is the time the activities of this paramilitary group come to an end. What is the idea your majesty in this regard?

A: Besides the military activities, who has distinguished al-Nujaba Movement from others, the movement conducts cultural, societal and service activities.

I do believe that such activities has terrified the enemies, as the institutionalisation of wisdom and culture in the society is indeed a pre-emptive battle and attack on the objectionable and colonising plans.

However such plots are successfully established in a non-united and ignorant society which is empty of liberalism culture.

Through the globalisation system the enemies attempt to develop ignorance across the society and focus on busying the community with the under-developed and dissolved cultures. Accordingly the Resistance should carry on its activities on all the levels, including the military, political and cultural.

Q: You mean, besides the military activities, does al-Nujaba carry out other functions in Iraq and Syria?

A: Yes, as said before, al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance has attempted to act on all levels, and it has not confined itself solely to the military field.

We as a group believe that the battle against the oppression and arrogance should be conducted on all its levels, thereby we have turned to some humanitarian activities and established some purposeful science-culture centres, social charity institutions and other different service organisations.

Moreover the movement has established and constructed some schools and universities which has advance scientific system, some research centres and institutions for approximation of the religions, the ones that aim at institutionalisation of the Unity Culture and avoidance of any sedition and instruction across the country.

Inshallah, through the heavenly succours, we will attempt to achieve success and honour on all other levels as we did on the military one.

Q: Recently some representative of the US Congress have announced their decision for imposing sanction on some Iran-backed Iraqi Resistance groups, including al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance. How are the possible sanctions of the US in your eye? And what will be your reaction in this regard?

A: We believe that the more the enemies be angry with us, the harder we have knocked them. We have knocked them so hard and it has made them cry loudly and as a result, they have added to their efforts against us.

The insignificant fuss they have made, has turned to our honour, joy and power and also augmented our resistance, and meanwhile I had the chance to visit the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khamenei, and he told me, “you defeated the US and other enemies of yours and doing so, you have crippled them. We approve of you and applaud your attempts and your Jihad. You will remain and achieve more victories. The World to Come will provide you with better conditions, and that betterment is not confined solely to the Other Day, you will definitely achieve superiority in the material world and your enemies will submissive. Putting you on the sanction list is due to your power and is a sign of their defeat against you”.

What honour could be better than hearing such a pledge from one of the Divinely Selected men?

Q: As the Iraqi president and prime minister have recently been chosen, how will be the relations of al-Nujaba Movement with the new Iraqi government?

A: We approve of the need for Iraqi political process and firmly back it. This end will never be fulfilled unless a strong, brave and courageous government is formed, as the grand sources of emulations have described.

Such a government will be able to prevent from execution of the destructive plans made by the US against Iraq and it will also manage to oust the American companies having cooperated with the ISIS politicians and plundered the oil and the wealth of the Iraqi nation.

If the government enforces the said plans, it will be able to put an end to the occupation of Iraq and manage to terminate unemployment ousting the aforesaid companies who have employed many foreign workers.

Besides it can oust the security companies affiliated with the Zionist Regime from Iraq; especially as the Iraqi security and military forces have proved themselves in defending the Iraqi nation and land.

The presence of such suspicious security companies having committed many prearranged terrors, has much damaged the security status of the state.

We hope that the new government takes steps in two ways:

First: Reconstruction and rehabilitation of the country on all levels.

Second: Clearing Iraq from the damages made to country by the said companies, the ones entered the country’s economic and security fields after the end of the military occupation of the country and when the occupiers were submissively ousted from Iraq.

Q: How will be the prospect of the relation between Iran and the new Iraqi officials?

A: Regarding the relations between Iraq and Iran in the shadow of the formation of the new government, presently what is called intervention in the Iraqi affairs are of two types: negative intervention and positive one.

The interventions made by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and some other countries for the destruction and debilitation of Iraq. The sent ISIS to Iraq, backed sectarianism and carrying out the order of the Zionists and the Americans, they launched some clashes inside Iraq.

We observed that once the ISIS raised and attacked Iraq, the US initially avoided helping Iraq in the fight against the said group and it also put some obstacles before the formation of the Resistance and the Popular Mobilisation who stood against the ISIS from the beginning.

Doing so they aimed at the collapse of the Iraqi government, the end of the Iraqi political process and the domination of the ISIS over Baghdad; however the faithful Iraqi youth who battled under the flag of the Resistance groups managed to stop the attack and save the capital of the country. Through the blessed Fatwa of the Sources of Emulation, based in Najaf, the formed the initial cores of the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Forces, and then they were provided with the spiritual and logistic support of the Guardian of the Islamic Jurist and people.

Once these forces started to achieve victories, the US tried to take advantage of the wave of the achieved victories and pretended that it seeks the liberation of Iraq, though it had avoided helping Iraq once the war just broke out.

What the American did in the battle field was the opposite of what they said in the media. The loudly spoke of the fight against terrorism, although the terrorism was their own making and was directly supported by them.

“The US hindered all the operations we were to carry out and supported the ISIS and attempted to prolong the ISIS occupation of the Iraqi cities”. Even now they are supporting ISIS on the border of Syria and Iraq and hinder the liberation of other areas still occupied by the ISIS.

On the other hand, there is a positive intervention; the one made by the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is the part Iran played in helping Iraq in the fight against the savage attack of the ISIS.

These helps were all made with the direct order and direction of the grand leader of the Islamic Republic on all levels and aspects: specifically military advices which played a highly important part in the success of the military operations.

Moreover the participation of the influential men of the supreme leader, especially my dear brother, Haj Qasim Soleymani, that played a significant role. The history will register such attempts with a golden pen. He is an instance of a self-sacrificing humble Islamic commander with a simple life, he is so courageous and strong, and different from other commanders and major generals, he is so humble, kind and loyal and despite being so busy and having many heavy responsibilities, he never turns his back on his brothers.

In the battle fields, we feel that he is great military power approved of by God. In all the operations, he attended the front line and got close to the savage ISIS fighters and shared his experiences with the Iraqi fighters.

What mentioned are some instances of the positive interventions condemned by the enemy, however we regard it the true example of the manner and behaviour belonging to Ahl al-Bayt (PBuT).

Imam Khamenei and Islamic Republic were not indifferent about what was happening in Iraq, and supported Iraq so that it could stand against the savage attack made.

Iraqi people, government and officials well distinguish the ones who stood with them from those standing and plotting against them. We well know those who prayed and asked blessing for us in the present and the World to Come- whose true instances are Islamic Republic of Iran and its wise leader.

And we also well know those deceived by the Satan, those who thought they would remain in their positions solely through the supports made by the Americans, those who shook hands with the bloody hands and opened the gateways of Iraq onto plunder and destruction. They should know they will definitely fall from their positions, as the arrogance is the Satan who never fulfils his promises, and once such people carry out their role, the Satan will betray them; as Saddam and the submissive Arab rulers were such treated and their governments were collapsed.

The ones who act so, once the mercenary role played is divulged, will be embarrassed for betrayal of his own land and their reputation will be ruined; as the House of Saud have been abominably treated by Trump and as they are still abject.

Therefore the new government of Iraq should identify those cooperated with the Great Satan and determine their destiny.

Besides it should know those who backed Iraq in hard times and form a strong coalition with them; as the contract and cooperation with the trustworthy will produce power and dignity.

The government should punish those who advocated the destruction of Iraq through their negative positions and does not let them again make evil plans and cut them out of the political process of Iraq.

Finally it is noteworthy that the Iraqi government and nation are in the important stage of reinforcing their relations with Islamic Republic of Iran, as Iran was the only country stood next to the Iraq.