EU still in talks with Iran to find ways to buy Iranian oil

MNA – Iranian diplomat Morteza Safari Natanzi said Sat. that the reason behind EU’s prolonged talks with Iran is because European countries are trying to find better ways to maintain banking ties and buy Iranian oil.

Speaking to Mehr News correspondent on Saturday, Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, Morteza Safari Natanzi, said talks with the EU on the future of the Iran nuclear deal is still ongoing, and the nuclear negotiating team are still holding several meetings with European officials on this topic.

He said the reason behind the prolonged talks is that European countries are trying to make the conditions ready for the export of Iranian oil to Europe.

He quoted European officials as saying in the meeting with the Iranian side that they are seeking ways to maintain banking transactions between Iran and the EU.

Safari deemed the trend of talks with the EU ‘satisfactory’, saying “we must seek diplomatic ways to isolate the US and put up a serious front against the country’s efforts to sanction Iran.”