Iranian CDR: Terrorists target unity of people of Sistan, Baluchestan

 IRNA – Commander of the IRGC Ground Force says the terrorists, with the abduction of border guards in the Lokdan district of Mirjave, directly point to the unity of the people of Sistan and Baluchistan, their tribal authority, their accountability and the security of the borders.

Addressing tribal leaders and elders in Sistan and Baluchestan Province in the city of Zahedan on Thursday night, Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour said, ‘With the cooperation of you, the IRGC has concentrated the bulk of their actions on deprivation of poverty and helping the people, and those who commit these terrorist acts are practically seeking to prevent the development of the province and the region.’

He emphasized, ‘The enemy with any attempt cannot undermine the trust of the Revolutionary Guards in the tribes and the trust of the tribes in the Revolutionary Guards, because in this way we present many martyrs for the unity of Sistan and Baluchestan.’

Commander of the IRGC’s ground force, arguing that the inhumane movement that the terrorists carried out using the infiltration force at the base of the 103rd, has led to the dismay of the people of Iran and the region, adding that people who serve in border checkpoints and turrets only for defending the country’s land against the malice is the border.

He said, ‘Until these defenders of homeland exist, no one can strike the country, because we defend the borders, so that our people in our cities live calmly.’