Licensing rounds for two Iran oilfields under way

SHANA – Head of the contracts affairs at the Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) said proposals for bidding in projects aimed at enhancing the production capacity of Resalat and Forouzan offshore oilfields were being considered by the company.

Salman Khosravi said on Wednesday, referring to signing a contract to maintain and increase the production capacity of Sivand, Esfand and Dena fields by IOOC, said the company was considering tenders for two other fields.

Four packages of 34 working packages defined in a bid to maintain and enhance the production capacity of oilfields in Iran concern IOOC which is currently considering proposals for licensing rounds of Forouzan and Resalat offshore oilfields.

He said the company was keen on the maximum utilization of domestic capacities in all the contracts, in particular contracts for maintaining and increasing oil production capacity of oilfields.