All countries must refrain from abiding by US sanctions under ICJ order

MNA – Alireza Jahangiri, the Iranian ambassador to The Hague, said under the recent order issued by the UN court, all countries must refrain from abiding by or assisting US in imposing unilateral sanctions against Iran in the specified sectors.

Speaking to Dutch reporters on Thursday, Alireza Jahangiri maintained that the UN court order is binding not only for the United States, but all other countries as well, adding that every country must refrain from hampering the execution of this order affecting a part of the US sanctions against Iran.

He noted that the suspension of services by a number of European airlines to Iran, or refusal to supply Iranian airplanes with fuel at some foreign airports, run counter to humanitarian principles and require urgent reconsideration.

To a question about the Iran nuclear deal, Jahangiri said the IAEA has reaffirmed Iran’s compliance with all of its nuclear-related commitments in all of its 12 reports so far, stressing that the country would remain committed to the agreement as long as the other remaining sides would do the same. He said the moment Iran feels that it is implementing the agreement unilaterally, it will consider other options on the table.

Asked to comment about the recent terrorist attack in Ahvaz, which killed 24 Iranian people and wounded more than 50 others, the envoy said a terrorist, separatist group with its offices based in Western countries had claimed responsibility for the attack together with ISIL, which clearly shows the link between these two groups. He also noted the existence of many documents and evidence about the terrorist nature of this separatist group.