President Rouhani: Private sector should lead economic ties with other states

IRNA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani urged ambassadors of other countries, as representatives of Iran’s nation, history and culture to develop political, economic, commercial and cultural relations with other countries.

Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday, in a meeting with the new ambassadors of Iran in Spain, Sierra Leone, Kuwait, Romania and Bangladesh that today those who have bad intention against the Iranian people should not hesitate to engage in any kind of plot and inhumane action to hurt the revolution and exert pressures on the people.

‘In this situation, the ambassadors of Iran in foreign countries have a duty to double their efforts and seriousness of developing relations and cooperation of Iran with other countries in different sectors, and the private sector should be the leader of economic relations,’ he stated.

Emphasizing the need for the ambassadors to pay attention to the priority of developing and deepening economic and trade relations and business cooperation, the President stated, ‘Planning the ambassadors for attracting foreign investment and strengthening the cooperation of companies and private sector enterprises of our country with the companies of the countries of their mission is very important.’

Rouhani, pointing out that today, America has been isolated on the global and legal scene due to an illegal exit of nuclear deal, and this action, with the exception of a few countries, has not been supported by any state, said, ‘With the development of Iran’s cooperation and relations with other foreign countries, we need to turn the threats and pressures of the US government against Iran to an opportunity for further development.’

The Iranian president also urged ambassadors of the Islamic Republic of Iran to establish close ties with the Iranian people living abroad, and said, ‘The Iranian Embassy should provide and reassure support for the Iranian people outside the country.’

Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Spain Hasan Qashqavi, Ambassador of Iran to Sierra Leone Akbar Khosravi Nejad, Ambassador of Iran to Kuwait Mohammad Irani, Ambassador of Iran to Bangladesh Mohammad Reza Nafar and Ambassador of Iran to Romania Morteza Abutalebi also presented a report on the status of Iran’s relations with the countries of their missions in various fields, emphasizing the efforts and seriousness of developing economic relations and the full cooperation of Iran with other countries.