US illegal presence in Syria against intl. law

MNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi condemned the US President Donald Trump’s warmongering in the region, saying that the illegal presence of the United States in Syria under the pretext of rebuilding it is against the international law.

Speaking on Monday at his weekly press conference, Ghasemi said the US’ interference in Syrian domestic affairs without the permission of the Arab country’s government is a breach of international law.

He warned that the US presence in Syria would bear adverse results as the US government has proved to push on volatility and disturbing the peace in the region.

The US’ claim to rebuild Syria is only a means for justifying its intrusion and political interference in the Arab country, Ghasemi added.

The spokesman pointed to Iran’s active role in fighting terrorists in Syria by the country’s request, and said, Iran will definitely take part in rebuilding and reconstruction of Syria.

He expressed Iranian companies’ readiness, especially the private sector, to take part in rebuilding the war-torn country.