Bahram Qassemi

US cause of problem in Afghanistan: Spokesman

IRNA – US is the cause of problem in Afghanistan, Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Monday.

The US presence in Afghanistan has been always cause of conflict and internal war in Afghanistan, Bahram Qasemi said while commenting on the US’ new efforts in Afghanistan following the appointment of a new US envoy for Afghanistan.

The US goal is quite clear and this country has never made a step towards stability and security in Afghanistan and other countries, the spokesman said.

He noted that the US seeks to destabilize the region.

The issue of Afghanistan cannot be resolved through dialogue among one or two countries, Qasemi noted.

He said that the situation in Afghanistan is not favorable because of the US and some other countries’ undue interference.

The US should change its policy towards Afghanistan if its wants peace in the war-torn region, the spokesman added.

The US administration’s special adviser on Afghan peace met last week with Taliban representatives in Qatar, the dispatches reported.

The US Embassy in Kabul said in a statement that US envoy Zalmay Khalilzad held “consultations” last week in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Khalilzad’s reported meeting came just weeks after he was named Washington’s point man on Afghan peace. He first visited Kabul and Islamabad, the Pakistani capital, early last week, and then vanished from public view. His published schedule also included visits to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, but US officials have not commented on those, the reports said.