Bahram Qassemi

Iran in talks with Serbia on visa issuance: Spokesman

 IRNA – Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman on Monday said the country is in talks with the Serbian officials on Iranians’ travel to Serbia.

The two countries have held talks on the issue and tomorrow is the last day of visa free travel to Serbia for the Iranians, Bahram Qasemi noted in a weekly press briefing.

Abolishment of visa-free travel for the Iranian citizens has different causes but it was predictable for the Foreign Ministry because Belgrade is an EU membership candidate, he said.

Qasemi noted that Serbia is adopting reforms to become a member of the European Union (EU).

He referred to the misuse of visa-free travel by some Iranian travelers and said this was another source of problem for continuation of the visa regime between Tehran and Belgrade.

Belgrade and Tehran abolished reciprocal tourist visas last August.

Serbia abolished vise-free travel with Iran apparently in response to European Union pressure after the system was abused by migrants trying to reach the bloc, the Associated Press said in a report.

According to the report, the EU officials have reportedly been considering canceling visa-free entry for Serbia’s citizens unless the Balkan country reintroduces visas for Iranians. Serbia is an EU membership candidate.