Senior Iranian Cmdr: Economy easiest problem facing revolution

IRNA – The cultural and social affairs deputy of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps said that economy is the easiest problem the revolution is facing, and if ‘we enter this area with the logic of martyrs, all the issues will be resolved soon’.

Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi said on Saturday, ‘Today’s issues are the simplest problems facing the Islamic Revolution, since the day the students stood against the Shah’s regime, the armed forces were in the hands of that regime, but the nation resisted empty-handed while today all energy is under the feet of Iranian nation.’

The general, with the emphasis on the fact that the productive economy needs human, scientific and technological resources, said, ‘The country has no shortage in any of these fields, and even in the aerospace, even the fundamental cells, the whole world is astonished.’

Referring to a thousand patents that have not yet reached the production stage, he added, ‘In terms of the absolute number of engineers in Iran, we are the third largest country in the world.’

Expressing that one of the needs of the productive economy, is the market he continued, ‘In addition to 80 million domestic markets, we have 400 million markets in the country’s neighborhoods, which if we reach India, these will reach two billion.’