Iran capable of developing nuclear industry several times

IRNA – Special assistant to the Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Ali Asghar Zarean says nuclear facilities of the country are much more advanced than in the past.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the 43th Specialized Exhibition of Nuclear Expertise at the University of Orumieh on Saturday, Zarean said, ‘The Islamic Republic, whenever it wishes, has the potential to develop a peaceful nuclear industry to multiply to its pre-JCPOA capacity.’

He said, ‘The peaceful nuclear industry has been indigenized in Iran, and the enemy knows well that it cannot stop by bombing Iran’s peaceful nuclear progress.’

He added, ‘The systems used in Iran’s nuclear industry are equipped with modern technology, and there is no problem in providing expert personnel and software and hardware for the development of a peaceful nuclear industry.’

He said, ‘The up-to-date and advanced equipment of the Fordow nuclear power plant can increase the number of centrifuges at the plant if the Islamic Republic of Iran wants it.’

‘The global arrogance is well aware that development without using nuclear energy will be difficult in the coming years,’ said the assistant secretary of the Atomic Energy Agency, stressing that the enemy is concerned about Iran’s progress in the nuclear industry.

He described one of the main goals of the enemies as disappointment of Iranian people, adding that ‘People should know the international position of Iran in the production of science and be hopeful of the future.’