National currency to regain its value by help of Iranian nation

MNA – Secretary of the Expediency Council and former IRGC commander Mohsen Rezaei has referred to the current economic situation, saying the Iranian nation will get through the difficulties and help the national currency regain its lost value.

In a Friday post on his Twitter account, Rezaei wrote, the national currency’s value depends on several factors including, “security, political stability, natural resources, human resources, production and trade”.

“We currently enjoy the first five factors,” he said, adding that as the Iranian nation managed to organize its own politics and security, it will pass the current economic difficulties and help the currency regain its value via modification the production and business policies.

Iranian rial has been on a falling trend in the past weeks. The national currency plunged to the record low of 192,000 on the unofficial market against dollar late last month.

However, the rial has regained some of its previously lost value after the Central Bank of Iran announced new policies to manage the market. Many people came to sell their dollar banknotes which in turn resulted in further depreciation of foreign currencies, most notably US dollar, against the rial.