Iran min.: Economic cooperation guarantees regional peace

IRNA – Iran’s minister of communications and information technology said on Thursday that economic cooperation among regional countries mainly in communication and information technologies (ICT) helps guarantee peaceful relations among regional countries.

Addressing a meeting of communication ministers of regional countries in Ashgabat titled ‘Turkmen Tel 2018’, he said a sense of solidarity with other societies should be regarded as the best means for building a more powerful region.

Establishing joint markets plays a significant role in bringing stability, security and development to the region and role of ICT is of prime importance to this end, he said.

Iran is going to bolster its relations with its northern neighbors to attain this goal, he said.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is also ready to broaden its cooperation in telecommunication and information technology wit other regional countries, he said.

ICT plays a key role in upgrading human security index, he said.

Grounds are well prepared to broaden cooperation in various fields of space and satellite technology, drafting regulations and postal services, he said.