Petchem plant commercializes 13 olefin grades

SHANA — Iran’s Jam Petrochemical Plant has started commercial production of 13 strategic olefin and polyethylene grades.

The plant has successfully demonopolized five propylene and polyethylene grades whose production was previously monopolized by two countries: the United States and Italy, National Petrochemical Company (NPC) reported.

Accordingly, the company has become the third company in the world to produce MD-35504, MD-3510, MD-3520, LL-235F6 and LL-235F7 and has a monopoly in the production of these items.

Some of the produced items are: MD-35504, MD-3520, LL-235F6, LL-235F7, GR-LL-HP-18XF5, MD-38504, CC-52502, CC-52502SU, CC-52501, HD-5000S, PP EP3130UV.