The self-supposed sheriff quits UN post

October 10, The Iran Project – United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley’s shocking resignation has drawn various reactions from different political figures including her Iranian counterpart. Also, the Haley move raised many speculations on world mainstream media, and Iranian media outlets in particular, due to her hostile policy against the Islamic republic.

Permanent Representative of Iran to the United Nations Gholamali Khoshroo has said the US envoy to the UN thought she could change the agenda of a multilateral organisation, but practically her efforts resulted in nothing but more isolation for Washington, adding that she entered the UN with a unilateralist viewpoint thinking that she is a new sheriff and the UN is a barracks or prison.

She was practically defeated and confronted with the defiance of the international community in a way that she completely isolated the US at the end of her mission at the international body, said the Iranian diplomat.

Meanwhile, some Iranian papers covered the story on their front pages. The pro-reform paper Etemad chose this headline for  its front page: “Iranophobic sheriff resigns: Trump accepts Haley’s resignation”.

Referring to her surprising resignation, the government’s official daily Iran picked the headline: “Resignation of the enemy of the JCPOA (official abbreviation for the 2015 Iran nuclear deal)”.

The Reformist daily Shargh touched upon Haley’s stepping down with this headline: “Farewell of Trump’s partner “.

Britain’s daily the Guardian wrote: “One thing is clear: the Trump administration’s foreign policy is in chaos, and there’s no one minding the store.”

On Tuesday (Oct. 9), The United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley resigned, and the US President Donald Trump accepted her resignation.

Haley is one of the anti-Iranian figures of the United States government, and she has always taken strong stance against Iran.