London committed to trade ties with Tehran under JCPOA: Envoy

IRNA – British Ambassador in Tehran Rob Macaire said on Tuesday that as an ambassador of a European state he is committed to trade with Tehran under the 2015 nuclear deal, as Europeans are creating a banking system for solving communicative issues with Iran.

In a meeting with economic activists in Yazd Chamber of Commerce, he added that presence of several attaches and counselors during the visit reveals UK’s resolve to develop relations with Iran, especially with Yazd province.

Creating a banking system for maintaining trade with Iran by Europe is not an easy task, he said, noting that once completed, it will not only help EU but also other countries maintain ties with Iran.

“We are doing our best to promote economic ties with Iran,” he said.

“Although EU-Iran ties are under political shadows, we like to see Iran-Britain ties developed and currently, there is a high motivation in the Britons in this respect,” he said.

Head of Yazd Chamber of Commerce, for his part, referred to the province’s capacities in various fields, he said that Britain and European states should help Iran benefit from the JCPOA.
Mohammad Reza Qomi further noted that Yazd province can help develop economic ties with Britain.