Netanyahu takes serious advice of top Iran military cmdr

IRNA- Ray al-Youm newspaper of London, expressing Iran and Hezbollah have a strong deterrent to Israeli threats, told the Zionist regime’s Prime Minister that he takes seriously the recommendation by Deputy commander of IRGC Hossein Salami, about training the swimming in the Mediterranean sea.

Abdul Bari Atwan, editor in chief of Ray al-Youm newspaper wrote on Sunday that the commander, Hossein Salami, instructed Benjamin Netanyahu, among the Basiji forces in the province of Isfahan, to learn to swim in the Mediterranean sea because in the future he has no option just escaping to the sea.

He added that this was a surprise to many, although not new, and before that, Lebanese Hezbollah secretary-general Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah advised all Israelis to escape the sea because when hezbollah rocket attacks on occupied territories there will no longer be an opportunity to escape

Atwan noted that Saudi officials in the past weeks threatened the war with Lebanon, especially Hezbollah, and Netanyahu in his address to the United Nations General Assembly provided images of what he claimed were ‘Iran’s secret nuclear facilities and three missiles and Hezbollah rocket manufacturing workshops in southern Lebanon and near Beirut airport.’

Israel’s 10th television network has also been sending thousands of messages via WhatsApp to Lebanese in Beirut to alert them to claims that their homes are near these reservoir.

In an affirmation of Salami’s remarks, the analyst also confirmed that Hizbullah did not need 800-2000 kilometers long missiles to destroy Israel, short-range missiles of about 300 kilometers, and thousands of UAVs are sufficient to destroy Israel.

Russian S-300 missiles are enough to cover the airspace against Israeli attacks, because they cover a range of 250 kilometers and are capable of targeting Israeli fighters before they enter Lebanon.