EU trying to strengthen trade relations with Iran: Danish ambassador

IRNA – The Danish Ambassador to Iran Danny Annan criticized US unilateral exit from the JCPOA, saying that Denmark along with other countries is trying to strengthen commercial ties with Iran.

During separate meetings with a number of religious minorities’ MPs, he hailed constructive ties between Iran and Denmark, saying that political dialogues between the two countries at higher levels, cooperation between the two governments, academic collaboration as well as enhanced bilateral ties show positive relations between Iran and Denmark.

“Iran as one of the countries wherein divine religions are living together peacefully is at the center of Denmark’s attention,” he said.

North Armenians’ MP Karen Khanlari said in a separate meeting with the Danish envoy that peaceful coexistence of the Armenians in Iran over the past centuries is evident not in form alone; rather in social dynamism as well.

“Shias have peaceful coexistence with followers of all divine religions across the world,” he said.

Since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, dialogue among the divine religions has been institutionalized, he said.

Iran renders humanitarian aid to the regional peoples irrespective of their religions; Muslims or Christians, Khanlari said.

Jews’ MP Siamak More Sedegh also said in another meeting with Annan that it is not correct one party leaves an international deal in bullying manner.

Referring to the role of Danish Iranologists in truly introducing Iran, he said that Iran can be a good site for Danish Jews’ trip.

Zoroastrians MP Esfandiar Ekhtiari also conferred with Danish ambassador on Monday. He criticized US unilateral exit from the JCPOA, saying that Denmark and EU are expected to remain committed to their sides under the deal and keep their economic ties with Iran.

Iran has been cradle of divine religions since the ancient times and peaceful coexistence among them prevails in the country, he said.

Respecting mankind and humanity is a principle in Iran, he said, noting that religious minorities are free in observing their ceremonies.