Jihadist management main factor in success of construction

IRNA- A senior military commander said that the construction and development of the country is an area that successful works can prove Iran’s efficiency to other countries.

Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari pointed to ‘jihadist management’ as the main factor in the success of the construction field.

‘Despite all the plots and plans of the enemies that today are focused on the Iranian people, every day witnessed material and spiritual victories and in different fields, which means that the enemies could not do anything against us,’ General Jafari said.

He stated that the construction and development of the country is an area that proved successful projects, modeling and efficiency of the Islamic Republic of Iran to other countries, saying that a nation, relying on its capabilities and without dependence on the powers foreigners can build the country, is an important fact that with proper management and within the Islamic and revolutionary framework, progress can be made, and this, in addition to the field of defense and security capabilities, has also been proven in the field of construction.

He acknowledged the common aspect of the success of the system in terms of defense and security, and security in the use of jihadist management and added in every area where jihadist work and management has been implemented, ‘we have seen valuable achievements in the fields of defense, security, construction and science’.