Iran’s $ 2 billion lawsuit against US to be pursued in Hague Monday

IRNA – The Hague Tribunal, on Monday, hears Iran’s complaint against the United States for violating Friendship Treaty through the expropriation of Iran’s Central Bank property.

After reviewing and issuing on Iran’s interim verdict case regarding the resumption of US sanctions and violations of the 1955 Friendship Treaty, the International Court of Justice of the Hague is holding a four-day public hearing on Monday on seizure of $ 2 billion of Iran’s property by the United States, and the violation of the treaty of friendship at the Hague Peace Palace in the Netherlands

On June 15, 2016, the Islamic Republic of Iran filed a lawsuit In the International Court of Justice on the dispute regarding the violations by the United States government of the treaty of friendship, economic relations and consular rights between Iran and the United States, signed on August 15, 1955, by both parties and has been binding on June 16, 1957.

Iran’s lawsuit states, ‘The United States has adopted a number of legislative and administrative measures that have an impact on the interests and assets of Iran and Iranian institutions Including the Central Bank of Iran, with the view that Iran is a supporter of terrorism (a position strongly rebutted by Iran) and contrary to the treaty of friendship and through the implementation of judicial proceedings against Iran.